Video capture software:

Cassette player software:

Film scanner software(M192):;M192)-download-show-20.html

Turntable Record Player (M422) software: 

Turntable Record Player OLD (M422):




The product should be installed with the SD card which meet the requirements. After the SD card is scanned and saved successfully, the product connects to

 the computer through USB cable and starts up. 

The computer will automatically identify the DISK partition of the SD card and 

open the disk partition automatically after identifying the partition and copy the 

scanned photos to the computer. 

The product does not support computer direct  scanning of film.

Mac system:

If windows, please download OBS or Potplayer software from below link and try again.
If Mac, please directly use the Quicktime software on your Mac to try again.

For the MAC OS, you are advised to use Quicktime. The product automatically switches to the Pal or NTSC standard, but secAM is not supported