DIGITNOW Vinyl Record Player with Magnetic Cartridge & Adjustable Counter Weight,Wireless Bluetooth Turntable HiFi System with 36 Watt Detachable Speakers for High Fidelity Sound.

  • $ 179.99

About this item

  • 1.Superior Record Player: Wooden HiFi System Turntable built-in switchable phono line allows connecting to included Hi-Fi speakers or to your own externally speakers via the dual RCA output cables, ground wire also allow Connect the ground wire in your home with the ground wire of this product, which can reduce sound interference effectively.
  • 2.Vinyl to MP3 Recording: USB Port for PC Link supports Convert turntable to MP3s via USB connection to Mac or PC, recording vinyl records directly to digital format in USB. Backup old vinyl in your PC or laptop.
  • 3.Adjustable Counterweight: Adjustable counterweight can ensure smooth Audio-Technica stylus movement out of skipping to keep clarity on musical peaks and avoid distortion, sharing your favorite musics with family happily.
  • 4.Bluetooth Connection: Turntable with wireless Bluetooth function supports playing precious musics from external device, such as mobile phone, laptop and other bluetooth device.
  • 5.More Function: 33, 45 RPM selectable (included 45-RPM adapter) playing, light indicators of Phono mode or Bluetooth mode, also with volume control, mode button very convenient for you to choose.



This vinyl record player supports wireless Bluetooth function, you can connect your smart phone and smart devices wirelessly when listening to digital music that you want. such as mobile phone, laptop and other bluetooth device.USB direct encoding, transform audio from vinyl records into WAV or MP3 files, great way to backup your precious vinyl collection and enjoy your vinyl recordings music anywhere, any time.