Rybozen HDMI to SDI Converter Power Supply Adapter Included, Micro Converter 1 HDMI in 2 SDI out , Audio Format Detection, High Bit Rates at 2.970 Gbit/s

  • $ 36.99

About this item

  • HDMI Input ,2 SDI Outputs :1xHDMI Input, 2xBNC(HD-SDI/3G-SDI/SD-SDI),Convert high definition 1080P HDMI Signal to Broadcast Quality SDI Display.
  • Automatic Input Signal Detection: Automatically matches the 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI HDMI Video Input.
  • Perfect Signal Transmission:Converts HDMI Signal to SID Display with Rates up to 2.97Gbps,Without Singal loss,No Need Driver, Plug and Play
  • Professional Quality Materials:Durable Metal body, Anti-Corrosion and Rust-Proof, No Static Noise Issue. Excellent Heat Radiation keeps Favorable Working Temperature.
  • Power Supply:DC 5V Power Adapter (Included in the Package)


Rybozen Wireless TV Headphones with Transmitter Dock

Easily and efficiently connect your device to a SDI display source with the Rybozen HDMI to SDI Converter. A must-have for any tech-ready home or office, this convenient adapter is equally ideal for connecting to an SDI-compatible TV or monitor for a work presentation, or hooking up the projector for movie night. Enjoy a clear transmission, easy to install, and uncomplicated operation with the Rybozen converter.

Clean & Clear Transmission Quality

This plug-and-play converter makes connecting to HDMI devices simpler. Convert HDMI signals to HD/3G-SDI without loss of image quality. Featuring resolution support of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p video. Retain a perfect picture and uninterrupted quality, with long-distance transmission via double shielded structure. Premium and mature IC solution applied to ensure product performance.

Convenient Compact Design

Small, compact, and easy to tuck away behind a desk or entertainment center, the Rybozen HDMI to SDI Converter adapter is a reliable solution you can count on. Great for professionals who take their presentations on the road, or for setting up video at an event or at home, the converter is easy to stash in a travel bag or drawer when not in use.