DIGITNOW! HD Game Capture/HD Video Capture Device, HDMI Video Converter/Recorder for PS4, Xbox One/Xbox 360,LiveTV,PVR DVR and More,Support HDMI/YPbPr/CVBS Input and HDMI Output,Full HD 1080p 30fps

  • $ 72.49

About this product
  • Gameplay recording from PC,PS3 and Xbox
  • Direct storage on external HDDs or USB sticks
  • Support HDMI/YPbPr/CVBS input and HDMI output
  • Full HD 1920x1080 resolution or 1280x720 resolution can optional
  • HDMI pass-through without any time lags


IT9910 Process,200MHz 32-bit, video scaling engine


Full HD 1920x1080 resolution input &output+Recording to

External USB

Complaint HDMI 1.3,1.4a HDCP 1.4complaint

Powerful audio by embed a 32-bit RISC CPU and a DSP engine

Support HDMI/YPbPr/CVBS input and HDMI output

5LEDs display

Easy setup, Just click one button to start recording

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